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"All of those things happening within a very short time... just totally put us into the general public awareness."

"I said, 'Lou, would you like to meet Twyla Tharp?'"

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Gail Kalver has worked in arts management for over 40 years, 23 of which she served as Executive Director of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. She is a Chicago native and has enjoyed working with many other dance organizations, including River North Dance Chicago, Dance for Life, Concert Dance, Inc., and the Auditorium Theatre.

August 16, 2018: Gail Kalver outlines her journey to becoming a leader in arts administration, which began through music. From Ravinia to Hubbard Street to independent consulting, she discusses working with many Chicago-based arts organizations. She recalls favorite performances and experiences along the way and shares memories of working closely with HSDC Artistic Director, Lou Conte, for several years.

"It was like watching the whole stage bloom and Lou [Conte] and I just went hysterical. It was one of our favorite moments on tour together."

"We were performing to 50,000 people in the Chicago area a year."

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