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CDHP investigates, documents, and presents the individual and institutional past of Chicago dance.

To showcase that legacy and continue our work, CDHP live streamed the Interview Marathon January 31, 2021, declared Chicago Dance History Project Day by Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot.

To celebrate the anniversary of the Marathon and Chicago Dance History Project Day, the full recording will be made freely available on January 31, 2022.

Watch this space and sign up for our mailing list to receive access information.

Sponsorships supporting the post-production and storage of the interviews are also available. 

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Interview Marathon in the Press

Co-chairs of the Interview Marathon are Pamela Crutchfield, Patti Eylar, and Sarah Solotaroff Mirkin.

Gail Kalver serves as special consultant.

Lead Sponsors:

Joyce Chelberg, Pamela Crutchfield, Patti Eylar and Charles Gardner, Elizabeth Liebman,

Andy Lopuchowycz, Abby McCormick O'Neil

Discussion Sponsors:

Lois Eisen, Gail Kalver, Becky Liebman, Thomas Liebman, Donn Vickers

Interview Sponsors:
Elaine Cohen, Sarah Solotaroff Mirkin, Dana Shepard Treister

Archive Sponsors:

Sarita Connelly, Marsha Dowd, Donna LaPietra, Kevin McGirr,

Bobbie Rafferty, Janet Carl and Mel Smith

Transcription Sponsors:

Michael Anderson, Phillip Bahar, Greg Cameron, Julie Glawe, Judie Green, Heidi Heilemann, Cameron Heinze, Kristina Isabelle, Kevin Iega Jeff, Julie Kaplan, Michael McStraw, Helen Melchior, Audrey Peiper, Cesar Salinas, Terry Slaney, Jeffrey Zurlinden

as of 1/30/21

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