CDHP strives always to create new ways to share our research with our communities. We are happy to announce a new series of monthly conversations that frame particular themes and interests. CDHP Playlists will focus the voices from our collections on topics that illuminate the history of dance in Chicago and how it relates to our present and future.

Five Chicago natives – Darlene Blackburn, Marcea Daiter, Doris Humphries, Peggy Sutton, and Geraldine Williams – discuss how race affected their dance educations and careers.

Playlist curated  by Patricia Alexander

Carol Bobrow, Pamela Crutchfield, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Gail Kalver, Dolores Lipinski Long, and Reggio McLaughlin recall surprising performances, celebrity encounters, and other memorable moments that made a lasting impact on their careers

Playlist curated  by Patricia Alexander

CDHP interviewees Sarah Mirkin, Lawrence Leritz, Eduardo Vilaro, Patti Eylar, Lauren Grant, Charlie Vernon, and Abby McCormick O'Neil reflect on the qualities that bring life and individuality to the Chicago arts community.

Playlist curated by Nora Henriksen and Patricia Alexander

CDHP interviewees Patricia Barretto, Muriel Foster, Lauren Grant, Maggie Kast, Dame Libby Komaiko, Peggy Sutton, and Carlton Wilborn discuss some of the artists and places mentioned in the 2021 Virtual Interview Marathon.

Playlist curated by Patricia Alexander

CDHP interviewees Joel Hall, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Doris Humphries, Ralph Lemon, Bebe Miller, Peggy Sutton, Carlton Wilborn, and Geraldine Williams discuss different aspects of being a Black artist in America.

Playlist curated by Patricia Alexander

CDHP celebrates Women's History Month with women artistic directors Darlene Blackburn, Stephanie Clemens, Christine DuBoulay Ellis, Jan Erkert, Muriel Foster, Dame Libby Komaiko, Shirley Mordine, Hema Rajagopalan, and Venetia Stifler. This playlist also honors the newly-appointed directors in the city: Nicole Clarke-Springer from Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre, Linda-Denise Fisher-Harrell of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, and Regina Perry-Carr of Muntu Dance Theatre.

Playlist curated by Gail Kalver and Sarita Smith Childs

CDHP interviewees Pam Crutchfield, Jan Erkert, Joel Hall, Maggie Kast, Elizabeth Liebman, Harriet Ross, and Eduardo Vilaro reflect on the intersections of dance and activism, how social issues inspire new works, and the platform that dance provides for action and commentary.

Playlist curated by Patricia Alexander

These clips from both the CDHP original and collected materials celebrate Asian and Pacific American heritage. Patricia Barretto, Ayako Kato, Ruth Ann Koesun, Rika Lin (Fujima Yoshinojo), Sono Osato, Hema Rajagopalan, Shubukai, Fujima Shunojo 藤間 秀之丞, BTC Kokyo Taiko, and Sara Zalek highlight how members of the Chicago dance community both preserve and reimagine traditional forms of dance, break barriers, confront racism, and honor the past. 
Playlist curated by Jenai Cutcher

As we return to live performances and in celebration of Chicago Dance Month, we are delving into stories surrounding performance that are undeniably live. These clips share the thrilling energy unique to live performance: the ephemerality of the experience, the spontaneity and surprises that can happen onstage and off, and the special relationship between performers and audiences. Muriel Foster, Tom Gold, Rick Hilsabeck, Dolores Long, Reggio McLaughlin, Bruce Sagan, and Vanessa Valecillos examine pre-show rituals, non-traditional performance spaces, stage presence, and special moments on stage.
Playlist curated by Zoe Lesser

Research, performance, celebration – efforts to create community can take many forms. The August Playlist is a cornucopia, showcasing the Chicago dance community through two annual events: Chicago Dancers United’s Dance for Life, this year a free performance at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion on August 26, and the SeeChicagoDance awards celebration at the end of September. Since we do not yet have interviews or edited footage for all companies or honorees, we encourage you to visit organizational websites for additional information and materials. 

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Playlist curated by Randy Duncan and Gail Kalver

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