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"[In Cuba] You have to use what you have, but the passion and decision to become somebody... it's there every single day. There’s that need to say something,

to do something…"

Ruth Page dance students in Havana

Cuban native Victor Alexander began studying dance at Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana and graduated in 1992. He was a principal dancer in the Danza Contemporánea de Cuba from 1992 to 2002. He married fellow company dancer Maray Gutierrez and the two relocated to Chicago in 2002. Alexander performed with Lyric Opera of Chicago, Hedwig Dances, CDI/Concert Dance Inc, and Luna Negra Dance Theater, among others. He is the director of the Ruth Page School of Dance.

Jan 11, 2018: From his office in the Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Victor Alexander describes his training and career in Havana, Cuba, details the events that led to his immigration to the United States, and remembers settling in Chicago with his wife, dancer Maray Gutierrez. He discusses the companies they both worked with and the position he currently holds as director of the Ruth Page School


"New language, new weather, new society, everything was new- so you had to be reborn again."

Maray and Victor: Coming to Chicago from Cuba

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