"Let's go back to the essence of who we are."

Joel Hall graduated from Northeastern Illinois University and founded Joel Hall Dancers & Center in 1974 with Joseph Ehrenberg. Hall is a performer, choreographer, and teacher of urban jazz dance and has created over 70 ballets for the company. He became Artistic Director Emeritus in 2018.

April 20, 2016: On the occasion of his 67th birthday, Joel Hall recalls growing up in Chicago's Cabrini-Green homes and studying dance in Chicago and New York. He also shares his sociological perspectives on issues of identity, defining dance techniques, and the Chicago dance community at large.


November 11, 2017: Artistic Director Joel Hall and Assistant Artistic Director Jacqueline Sinclair talk about the history of Joel Hall Dancers & Center, some of the company's signature works, and how they plan to carry Hall's legacy into the future.

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"I was tired of... people seeing people on the street every day... and just walking by them like they were not there."

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