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"By the time I did come to Chicago, it was starting to really cook."

black and white portrait of a woman dancing

Dancer and choreographer Carol Bobrow performed extensively in Chicago in the 1960's, '70s, and '80s. In addition to making her own dances, she performed with Mordine & Company, Jan Erkert & Dancers, Charlie Vernon, and others. She co-founded Links Hall in 1978 and taught dance at New Trier High School.

May 17, 2017: Carol Bobrow talks about her time as an active dancer and choreographer in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s Chicago dance scenes. She describes her involvement in Links Hall as one of its co-founders, tells stories about collaborators and projects, and discusses dance education, specifically at New Trier High School, where she taught until 2012. 

"He was sort of a giant, creatively."

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