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"As far as learning from a

[Fujima style] teacher, there are no ranks... 

only getting your stage name

and then getting your teacher's license. 

Beyond that, it's your level of dancing."

A brief interview at CDHP's pilot Interview Marathon 

Fujima Yoshinojo, who goes by “Rika Lin,” is a Japanese-American performer. She is a Grandmaster in Fujima-style Kabuki, a Japanese classical dance, and has performed in venues throughout Chicago, including the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Chicago Cultural Center. Rika received her Grandmaster certification in 2016 from Fujima Ryu of Chicago and has since had residencies at Links Hall and Chicago Dancemakers Forum.

August 24, 2019: CDHP's Interview Marathon at the Chicago Summer Dance Celebration, Millennium Park

Oct 13, 2021: At Ruth Page Center for the Arts with Fujima Shunojo

Come back soon to see clips from this interview...


Oct 13, 2021: Come back soon to see clips from this interview...

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