"That was never anything that I ever thought that I would want to do."

Peggy Sutton is the second-generation Director of Mayfair Academy of Fine Arts, founded by her father, Tommy Sutton in 1957. Since 1978, Sutton has taught dance, managed the school, and produced and directed Mayfair performing events at venues throughout the city.

October 03, 2017: Peggy reflects on her father’s legacy as a tap dancer and teacher and details her own 40-year career educating young dancers on Chicago’s South Side. Topics covered include segregation in Chicago, dance pedagogy, and dance administration.

"The main reason that he [Tommy Sutton] started Mayfair was because, at the time, he was teaching at various schools and there was no place for his children to go and the children of his community."

"It's a small thing, but it's something that we've really instilled in the students."

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