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"Then Martin Luther King was assassinated.

And they had riots. I ran home."

Growing up in Chicago

Marcea Daiter spent her early career in Chicago performing with the Darlene Blackburn Dance Troupe, the Free Street Theater, and Joseph Holmes. As a member of the Darlene Blackburn Dance Troupe, she traveled to Africa to perform and study. She is a  performing arts teacher in the NYC public schools and a certified Dunham technique instructor.

July 31, 2017

a Black woman dancing in an orange grass skirt on a stage

"You have to always be ready to go on stage, that's what I learned from Darlene."

Meeting Darlene Blackburn

"There were people of color from all over the world, I'd never seen that many people in one place, artists, not just dancers, musicians, poets, writers, I mean it was just like unbelievable."

Africa stories

"I got to New York and my landlord was Miles Davis."

Dunham Connections

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