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"I don't really think, with this body, I could have done what I was aiming to do. But, I didn't give up because I loved it too much and I believed in myself too much."

caucasian woman leaping in a white costume on an empty stage

Lauren Grant, a native of Highland Park, IL, began taking classes at an early age with Marilyn Ruekberg, Irina Makkai, and Inesse Alexandrov before attending the Chicago City Ballet School. She has danced with the Mark Morris Dance Group since 1996. She also sets Morris’ works and teaches ballet and modern dance internationally and has been recognized for her career with a New York Dance and Performance Bessie Award.

April 30, 2019: Recorded in the Mark Morris Dance Center, Lauren Grant recounts her early dance training in Highland Park and her visits to Chicago for performances and summer workshops. Recalling her background in ballet led Grant into a discussion about her career trajectory.

"I went to Ruth Page... and Larry Long's classes... were full of real professionals, so I was this little pipsqueak with people who were pros in the field."

" I would go to that theatre and the curtain would rise and it just felt like magic."

"I was backstage and I got to meet Maria Tallchief, who said, 'Merde,' to me."

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