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"You've got your technique, you know what you're doing, say 'yes' to the audition and go out and do it."

James Dybas grew up on Chicago's South Side. He studied dance with Edna McRae and performed in Ruth Page ballets. He has had an extensive career on Broadway, in shows such as Do I Hear a Waltz?, George M!, 42nd Street, and The Scarlet Pimpernel. He currently lives in New York City.

July 07, 2016: James Dybas, joined by family friend Faye Driscoll, describes his classes with Edna McRae in the Fine Arts Building and his experiences dancing for Ruth Page, along with Driscoll's mother, Maureen Byrnes. He connects specific lessons he learned in Chicago to helping him prepare for a career in theater, including several Broadway productions. 

a caucasian man dancing in a studio with a barre in the background, pointing to the camera
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