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"Dance is nationality.

If you interested in Japanese dance,

I don't judge, I teach..."

A brief interview at CDHP's pilot Interview Marathon 

Originally from Japan, Fujima Shunojo gained his professional name from his teacher, Fujima Shunai. After moving to the United States, he opened his school, Fujima Ryu of Chicago (now Shubukai), to continue his teachings and performances. Fujima Ryu of Chicago has been very active in the Japanese community in the Midwest, supporting various organizations. Recently the school has merged with Asian Improv aRts Midwest, led by Rika Lin, a former student and the newest Grandmaster from the school.

August 24, 2019: CDHP's Interview Marathon at the Chicago Summer Dance Celebration, Millennium Park

Oct 13, 2021: At Ruth Page Center for the Arts with Fujima Shunojo

Come back soon to see clips from this interview...


Oct 13, 2021: Come back soon to see clips from this interview...

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