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Shirley Hall Bass was a performer, dance educator, and an original Dyerette born in Chicago in 1931. She trained and toured internationally with the group and became the Director of the Sammy Dyer School of the Theatre in 1960. Bass divided her time between Nassau and Chicago and established a cultural exchange between her students in each city.

July 06, 2019: A public memory sharing session involving former students and dancers of Shirley Hall Bass, held at the University of the Bahamas in Nassau.


Participants: Yorick Lawrence Carroll, Monique Fraser-Wilchcombe, Ralph F. McKinney, Michelle Mitchell-Lloyd, Yvette Russell-Swain, Juliana Thompson, Christine Wallace-Whitfield.

July 07-12, 2019: Small group interviews and community archiving ​sessions at the home of Shirley Hall Bass.

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