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"As an organization that tunnels

between the theater and the dance world,

[Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble] 

had to create our own world in between "

A brief interview at pilot CDHP's Interview Marathon

Ellyzabeth Adler grew up in Wisconsin, but remained in Chicago after college.  She is a multidisciplinary artist weaving together theatre, dance, film, spoken word, and music. She founded the Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble.


She has created and choreographed over a dozen concert-length works focused on women’s issues, the female body, suicide, and the human condition. She also mentors younger dancers through CDE’s Books Alive and Poetry Alive programs.

Aug 24, 2019:  CDHP's Interview Marathon at the Chicago Summer Dance Celebration, Millennium Park

A woman wearing a dress and dancing in a bathtub
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