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"I arranged my lunch hour to be at the moment that the Opera House was starting their 8 o'clock performances."

portrait of old man wearing glasses and a sweater

In addition to a career in journalism of over half a decade, Bruce Sagan has been heavily active in the dance field in a variety of capacities. He co-founded and produced the Harper Theater Dance Festival in Hyde Park, assisted in moving the Joffrey Ballet to Chicago, and now serves on Joffrey's Board of Directors.

July 13, 2015: Bruce Sagan began his involvement with dance as an audience member and volunteer usher. He reflects on producing the Harper Theater Dance Festival in Hyde Park and recalls the many artists and dance companies who performed there over the years. He then recounts the process of moving the Joffrey Ballet from New York City to Chicago in 1995.

"Clive Barnes... came to see Joffrey. He wound up finding this remarkable six week dance festival and he wrote about it."

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