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"He [Gus Giordano] wanted to have an event that would elevate jazz dance to the same level as ballet and modern dance."

two old white men smiling, one has a cane and sunglasses

After a successful career running a film and video business, Ben Hodge became the first official Executive Director of Giordano Dance Chicago in 1996. In addition to the company, he led the administrative efforts for the Jazz Dance World Congresses and participated in the Chicago Dance Coalition.

August 08, 2017: Ben Hodge details his tenure as Executive Director of Giordano Dance Chicago from 1996 to his retirement in 2009, which included several international company tours and the semi-annual Jazz Dance World Congress. He speaks extensively on the impact Gus Giordano had on Chicago arts and culture and jazz dance education and illustrates how the company operated as a true family business.

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